Nova Pro


The First Versatile eReader That Contains Dual Touch and Front Light. Flush glass-based screen with high resolution, be viewable without glare from any angle to the screen.

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ONYX BOOX Note Pro employs a high resolution 10.3" E Ink display. The 4096 level pressure sensitivity provides users genuine feel like writing on the paper. This gives users superior control to create very artistic images and text.

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This model with the largest display in the range of ONYX devices. The first device for reading electronic books with the HDMI monitor function.

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ONYX BOOX Gulliver (Note) is a device for reading electronic books with the E Ink Mobius Carta screen with a diagonal of 10.3" with higher definition, supporting the SNOW Field function. Its large and comfortable for eyes display, made of plastic, is much less fragile than those made of glass.

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